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The Bakery

Michael! June!

Michael: Hi Grandma!

June: Hello Ms. Duarte.

Grandma: Oh please June, you’re about to marry this young man, please call me your grandmother too.

June: Will do, Grandma. We’re both sad you won’t be able to make it to our wedding next week, so we’re glad to be able to spend today with you.

Grandma: Oh you know I’m too old to fly, and the two of you will be celebrating each other for the rest of your lives together, me missing one day is fine. Either of you want anything? I know you’d want a black coffee, Michael. June?

Michael: Ah you know me too well, Grandma.

June: Just some tea if you have any.

Grandma: Of course, dear. Come on to the kitchen, you two.

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