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babette ate oatmeal.

For the entirety of my life, I've been a dog person. I've never owned a dog--my parents never believed I would be responsible enough to take care of one... and they were right--but films such as Homeward Bound and Air Bud completely solidified my love for those animals. On the other side, I gained an aversion for cats thanks to my childhood cat allergy. And so has been my way of life. I think I love dogs so much that my personality reflects it. I get quickly and overly excited and I am inherently an optimist. Dog life.

Fast-forward to late February 2016. I visit the lady friend April in San Francisco while she cat sits for a coworker for a week. The cat is named Martin and he is the chillest little chunky fat cat ever. He has a soft, cute meow paired with such a soothing, constant purr. He would just stare at me when he was hungry, even when his time to eat was an hour away. I woke up and he was sitting on my pillow, his paw an inch away from my face. He was utterly adorable. I dubbed Martin the best cat ever... really because he was the only cat I spent a considerable amount of time with and he was great.

And so the shift begins.

I'm not sure I have it in me to take on the full responsibility of owning a dog. Not that I can't--best believe I can--but I'm not sure I have the energy in me to do so while also attempting to take care of myself. Now there's the option of owning a cat someday. They're far more self-sufficient and have a better ability to be left by themselves. Also April is totally a cat person and I would be dumb if I believed we'd never have one.

Then we visit a cat cafe: Cat Town Oakland.

In our 1 hour appointment, we spent at least 45 minutes with this one cat who is too shy to leave her little house.

Babette in her house *crying face emoji*

Babette in her house *crying face emoji*

They told us she only really leaves her house to eat or use the litter box. I'm not sure if it's because she was so coy or because she's just incredibly adorable (or both), but April and I are almost immediately in love. Grabbing a cat toy on a line we actually were able to lure her from the house and play with her in the open--immediately impressing the employees because this was her first time doing so during her time at Cat Town. Then we were able to get a closer look at her; from her clipped ear to her pi nose to her sash of white fur that extends from her neck to her front right leg to her white fingers on her left paw, she looked perfect. Sadly, neither April nor I are able to accommodate for a cat with our current living arrangements, so we had to decline. It's amazing how attached we got to a cat for only spending less than an hour with her.

Four days later and we still are sad and even regretful that we didn't adopt her. We both even have her as our phone wallpapers. She deserves a home and we were her perfect cat parents, yet life isn't that simple sometimes. Hey, maybe things may turn around and we're able to get her sooner or later, but that's left for the future.

So I guess I'm a cat person now? But I'm definitely still a dog person; I get far more excited when I see any dog than any cat. It really takes the perfect cat for me to really want to spend time with it--Nigel, Spencer, and Ramen were chill, but none of them were perfect like Babette.

And now I'm just sad.